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Maebashi Mercury

  • Mount Akagi

    Mount Akagi

    Mount Akagi is one of Jomo Miyama (Akagi, Haruna, Myougi). It is place where Onuma, Konuma can get close to in black Hiyama of 1,828m above sea level naturally in crater basin among other outer rims of a volcanic crater on the highest peak through water otatahe, the four seasons. In crater lake (Onuma) shore at the Akagi mountaintop, it is spot in plateau leisure to be able to enjoy with various figures throughout the year.

  • Maebashi runapaaku

    Maebashi runapaaku

    The garden to feel to be miss very. Vehicle is 10 yen and 50 yen Japan's most cheaply! Wooden horse of 10 yen is registered with registration tangible cultural property once. As for the street performer who kitchen car opens a store in garden on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and is pleasant….

  • Gunma flower park

    Gunma flower park

    We begin with spring tulip, and tulip that there is many in spring at Fra Topia size flower bed (about 6,000m²) to redecorate to winter pansy every season is in full glory.
    Scenery such as picture spreads in circle that was created with flower when park tower of 18m in height overlooks.
    In addition, we can overlook Kanto plains from tower and can see Mount Fuji and the Tokyo Skytree on clear day of air, too.

  • gurinfurawa ranch, Daigo

    gurinfurawa ranch, Daigo

    As for "gurinfurawa ranch, Daigo of mark," Netherlands model windmill of 22 meters in height is along Route 353 and, located at foot of Akagi southern aspect, can enjoy scenery of magnificent Mount Akagi rising in the rear.


  • The Tomioka Silk Mill

    The Tomioka Silk Mill

    The Tomioka Silk Mill is model instrument filature which the Meiji government installed for the modernization of Japan first in 1872 (Meiji 5). The Meiji government thought that the export of raw silk was the most effective as method to collect funds. Therefore we decided to make detailed sonaeta model factory with silk reeling instrument of Western style because the government brought up quality improvement, production improvement and technical supervisor of raw silk. It was filature which was globally the largest in those days.
    ☆Because the Tomioka Silk Mill has few parking lots, Joshin Dentetsu is convenient.
    ☆Visit to 1 roundtrip train fare (1,580 yen) + Tomioka Silk Mill charges between Takasaki Station - Joshu-Tomioka Station (1,000 yen) are usually now on sale for 2,580 yen notokoro 2,140 yen (as for the dwarf 820 yen) with set! Outward trip, return journey can stop over only for once each.
    Special train runs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, too.
    We are selling at Joshin Dentetsu Takasaki Station! Please use ☆*

  • The Takasaki white coat Kannon

    The Takasaki white coat Kannon

    The Kannon who continues watching Takasaki after it is erected in 1936, the white coat express clean heart for realization as symbol of Takasaki-shi

  • Misato ground pink

    Misato ground pink

    260,000 ground pinks make site of 4.1 hectares bloom. Red, white, pink ground pink designed in the image of "pink nohagoromo which Vega left" around hill of ground pink range in a belt and describe designs such as undulation or eddy.
    [flowering time] Misato ground pink Festival is held at flowering time for the early April and early May

  • Mount Haruna

    Mount Haruna

    Lake Haruna in 1,100 meters above sea level born by one of hair Miyama, volcanic activity of Mount Haruna.
    Outdoor spot where is the most popular in Takasaki-shi to be able to enjoy scenery and nature which are beautiful through the year. In refreshing air, we can enjoy boat and pleasure boat, auto camp.

  • Bairin (Akima Bairin, Misato Bairin, Haruna Bairin)

    Bairin (Akima Bairin, Misato Bairin, Haruna Bairin)

    Gunma is famous nationwide for a long time as production center of plum. Above all, in west Joshu, three Bairin of "Haruna" of Takasaki-shi "Misato" opens "Akima" of Annaka-shi said to be "Gunma three great Umebayashi". Real harvest of plums is the early March and late March in about June, in full bloom of flower. Event of a lot of various charm is held during season.

  • Hill autumn (cosmos) of prominent nose prospects flower

    Hill autumn (cosmos) of prominent nose prospects flower

    On the hill of Hanadakamachi that can look down at western part, Takasaki-shi of city area, colorful flower blooms through one year and can enjoy in conjunction with splendid scenery looking around Jomo Miyama.
    Word-of-mouth communication (gurutabi) of sightseeing ambassador

  • Darumaji


    shorinsantatsumaji located in the edge of Kannonnyama hill is temple of Zen Buddhism called one of the three leading Zen sects in Japan (obakusyu). It is famous as temple of omen Dharma origin to inherit teaching of Bodhidharma.
    When east prison chief bonze of a temple (we carry calyx to ask) became side business of hard farmer after famine of dawn for the ninth generation, we carved shoe tree based on a brief note Dharma image which kaisanshinetsuzenshi was described in and initiated into how to make papier-mache Dharma.
    In the precincts, there is Senshin bower where Dharma temple which displayed various Dharma dolls and German world-famous architect Bruno Taut lived in early in Showa through all ages and countries. We can enjoy scenery of wonderful colored leaves in autumn.

Kofu-Shingen oncen

  • Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji was registered with world heritage in the 37th world heritage Committee in June, 2013. This is because it was appreciated when the grandeur, dignity, beauty that Mount Fuji has have exclusive value in the world as mountain which produced faith and art.

  • Prefectural art museum

    Prefectural art museum

    How about that even heart comes over in a time of healing not to be provided from everyday living by appreciating many masterpieces in autumn of art and sees? Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art is got close to since the opening of 1978 widely as "art museum of Millet", and it flows into, and, led by << person surrounding species >> of Millet who is first Collection, valuable donation by the kindness of many various places adds power to collection of close contemporary art of Millet and writer of Barbizon school, main landscape artist of Europe and Japan afterward, and total amount of holding amounts to approximately 10,000 points now. Is shortest by car than our hotel to "Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art", approximately ten minutes. [opening time] / from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 (but as for the admission until half past 16) [closed days] The next day (in the case of Sunday, we are opened) year-end and New Year holidays on / Monday (the next day in the case of holiday) holiday [the location] 〒 400-0065 1-4-27, Kugawa, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi [reference] TEL 055-228-3322 / FAX 055-228-3324

  • Worth Zenko-ji

    Worth Zenko-ji

    Mount Akagi is one of Jomo Miyama (Akagi, Haruna, Myougi). It is place where Onuma, Konuma can get close to in black Hiyama of 1,828m above sea level naturally in crater basin among other outer rims of a volcanic crater on the highest peak through water otatahe, the four seasons. In crater lake (Onuma) shore at the Akagi mountaintop, it is spot in plateau leisure to be able to enjoy with various figures throughout the year.

  • Prince Shingen

    Prince Shingen

    We strongly have ambition of world unification and are military commander who often performed battle with neighboring country. We exist in onto, each place to heal place that became battle place and wound of battle. It is a lot, and place of relationship is shown around as tourist attraction, too.

  • Syousenkyo


    Prefecture outstanding sightseeing spot "Syousenkyo" chosen in the part first place of 100 selections of country sightseeing spots Valley. We are colored by colored leaves, and beautiful valley of strangely shaped rocks curious stone that mountain stream scraped off granite in colored leaves season will show person who visited the atmospheric valley beauty different from season of the bright fresh green again.

  • Hoto


    We put pumpkin, green onion, potato, a lot of vegetables and meat including Chinese cabbage, and local cuisine "Hoto" of ... Yamanashi ... [Narada Main Store] / Kokubo, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi "Hoto" is local cuisine of Yamanashi who stewed wide noodles of width with raw miso. It is "Hoto" of "Narada Main Store" to introduce this time at our hotel! Original form pumpkin "Hoto" not to be able to taste in another store which we seasoned with Koshu miso which we hit noodles with wheat flour of domestic agriculture and forestry 61 size and taught in self is toka having favorable reception from prefecture, internal and external customer. Please thoroughly enjoy the vaunted taste, and, as for "the Hoto to eat in cold season," heart and soul warm! !
    ○Is car than our hotel to "Narada Main Store"; approximately five minutes.
    [business hours] From / matinee weekdays 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. ※Last order is 2 in the afternoon: 00
    / evening performance weekdays afternoon from 5:00 to 10:00 ※Last order is 9 in the afternoon: 00
    Until / gold soil holiday previous night 10:30 p.m. ※Last order is 10:00 p.m.
    [regular holiday] In the case of holiday, Tuesday is on Monday on the day before or Wednesday on Tuesday
    ※ Sorry for your inconvenience, but please confirm one coming from distant place on the telephone.
    [parking lot perfection] Trailer bus is OK on 20 Sundays and holidays (the night and day), too.
    Contact information / Narada Main Store 055-226-0911


  • daiikawa*do SL steam locomotive

    daiikawa*do SL steam locomotive

    In Oigawa Railway, classic steam locomotive is still during active run.
    We can enjoy scenery of nature including Oi River and colored leaves from whistle of force perfect score and the car window of traditional nostalgic train.
    It is famous even that even drama and filming of movie are used well.
    It is 1 station by approximately ten minutes, train by car than our hotel to Kanaya Station of departure from train SL station.
    It is approximately one hour 20 minutes from Kanaya Station to Senzu Station of terminal.
    Parking lot is at Kanaya Station, too.
    Kanaya - 1,000 one-way adult 2,370 yen, one-way dwarf 1,190 yen
    Shinkanaya - 1,000 one-way adult 2,280 yen, one-way dwarf 1,140 yen

  • Oigawa Railway Thomas

    Oigawa Railway Thomas

    From June to October holding! During period, we can take Thomas, and vehicle maintenance visits are possible, too.

  • Remains of ShimadasyukuOoigawaKawagoe

    Remains of ShimadasyukuOoigawaKawagoe

    We had number of workers carry on the shoulders so that traveler crossed Oi River in the Edo era or had you carry on your shoulder on vehicle such as mikoshi portable shrine called litter. It is the remains of this Kawagoe to have reproduced scenery such as tollgate (river society place) over the river or waiting for place of number of workers (turn accommodation). It is approximately five minutes by car than our hotel.

  • Shimada-shi museum

    Shimada-shi museum

    Main features the theme of "trip and traveler" and, by display such as litters used over trip tool and river of the Edo era, diorama vision, introduces river dome culture of Shimada. In addition, we hold plan exhibition, temporary exhibition.

  • Ochanosato


    It was built as base facility to receive various information about tea, and to send.
    It becomes reconstruction tea-ceremony room of museum, Enshu Kobori introducing culture of tea from stand, restaurant selling local product including Japanese garden, tea.
    In the tea-ceremony room, Matcha is with cake.
    It is approximately 15 minutes by car than our hotel.

  • Oi River marathon course LIBERTY

    Oi River marathon course LIBERTY

    Oi River marathon course "LIBERTY" is whole country's first riverbed marathon course to make a round trip to riverbed that is full of nature of Oi River.
    Marathon, relay road race meeting is held, and this course is used as place of the making of citizen's health including jogging and walking.

  • Spring of Kawane hot spring contact

    Spring of Kawane hot spring contact

    It is along Oi River and is one-day hot spring among the mountains with much green.
    It is famous as hot spring which can look at SL from the only outdoor bath in Japan. Warm water pool, sauna, lying-down bath, various warm bath facilities including Baade zone of jacuzzi to be able to enjoy with large communal bath and swimming wear including outdoor bath are prepared.
    Hot spring water more than 48 degrees blows out more than 800 liters a minute from 1,140 meters below ground and becomes flowing constantly from the source.
    It is sodium chloride hot spring, and spring quality includes a lot of mineral.
    We are effective in neuralgia, muscular pain, relieving fatigue and skin care.

  • Sumatakyo


    It is valley of river Oi River branch size again. Valley is deep, and waterfall of big things and small things drops from quay of both sides, and the face of the mountain is surrounded in forests such as fir tree and hemlock spruce, cedar. We tie up arch-type enlightened emperor Bridge to suspension bridge of dream of 90 meters in length from hot-spring resort, and promenade for one lap of approximately one hour 30 minutes is established. It is approximately one hour 40 minutes by car than our hotel.
    [the location] Nemotocho, Ichikawa, Shimada, Shizuoka Sumatakyo

  • Shizunami shore

    Shizunami shore

    There is many on the stage of Horai Bridge which is authorized as "the world's longest wooden pedestrian bridge" in 897.4m in total length 1997 built over Oi River by Guinness; rise to overcharge boom, and various events such as dancing are performed. (Horai bridge is famous as betsumeichintorikyo.)
    Toll 1 roundtrips are as follows: 10 yen lower than 100 yen for adults primary schoolchild
    ※Bicycle, motorcycle is impossible of traffic

  • Shimada summer festival

    Shimada summer festival

    Shimada summer festival
    "Oi River which 8, Hakone village exceeds on a horse, but is not gone over if
    It is summer festival (Star Festival Festival) of Shimada accommodation which had big river, Oi River outstanding of Tokaido where this was sung in.
    We make authority of book mall of former Tokaido vehicle-free promenade and are performed, and bamboo decoration, folk song dance, drum is shown. It is a 5-minute walk than hotel.

    [on the date] Saturday, Sunday holding of the August first week
    [holding time] From 14:00 to 20:50
    [place] 1, Hontori, Shimada-shi - seven orders

  • Horai bridge

    Horai bridge

    ※Is car than our hotel; five minutes
    There is many on the stage of Horai Bridge which is authorized as "the world's longest wooden pedestrian bridge" in 897.4m in total length 1997 built over Oi River by Guinness; rise to overcharge boom, and various events such as dancing are performed. (Horai bridge is famous as betsumeichintorikyo.)
    Toll 1 roundtrips are as follows: 10 yen lower than 100 yen for adults primary schoolchild
    ※Bicycle, motorcycle is impossible of traffic

  • Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport

    Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport

    Is car than our Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport hotel; 20 minutes
    Please outside the country based in Shimada! << Shizuoka airport liner≫
    Shimada Station south exit ⇔ Shizuoka Airport 500 yen
    Traffic time (25 minutes) 
    ※In departure and arrival time for bus, please refer at the front desk.

Nagoya Marunouchi

  • Nagoya-jo Castle

    Nagoya-jo Castle

    Owari, Nagoya waits in castle. Gold killer whale is famous ♪ Of military commander wait; symbol of Nagoya

  • Higashiyama animals and plants park

    Higashiyama animals and plants park

    We part from Higashiyama animals and plants garden ..., botanical garden, zoo, amusement park in area. One of the Japan's three biggest zoos. It is approximately three minutes on foot from subway Higashiyama Line Higashiyama-Koen Station. Parking lot becomes charged. In the zoo, koala and giraffe of popular person, big animal display animal more than 500 kinds from elephant to small killifish. We carry out tatting of reptiles and are very popular with event and every Sunday to feed animal on first ... fourth Sunday every month.
    Various events to be able to enjoy autumn of holiday making in each place in Higashiyama animals and plants garden are held.

  • The Nagoya-shi Hall of Science

    The Nagoya-shi Hall of Science

    We reflect starlit sky that we calculated with "yunibasariumu IX type planetarium" (optical planetarium) and computer to reproduce starlit sky limitlessly near genuine article with projector, and "sky max DSII" which past starlit sky or space trip can reproduce in the future (digital planetarium) is installed. It is 10-15 funhodo on foot from hotel. It is 1 station from circle by subway Tsurumai Line.

  • Osukannon, Osu mall ・・

    Osukannon, Osu mall ・・

    Downtown area Osu of Furuya. To eat the way, and to touch raw Nagoya such as shopping; after all is Coco!
    Super huge mall where it keeps electronics quarter and miscellaneous goods apparel, and anything is even on♪
    Osu Uiro is popular souvenir♪
    It is approximately 20 minutes on foot from hotel. It is 2 stations from circle by subway Tsurumai Line.

  • For live for watching baseball ♪ Nagoya Dome Nagoya Dome

    For live for watching baseball ♪ Nagoya Dome Nagoya Dome

    It is approximately 20 minutes by train from subway Marunouchi Station! As well as baseball game, live event is held, too! Generally large-scale event site of Nagoya is here. There are other NGK INSULATORS hall, century hall, Aichi art theaters and is convenient by subway everywhere from hotel♪

  • Atsuta-jingu Shrine

    Atsuta-jingu Shrine

    It is chin rininaru Atsuta-jingu Shrine in green garden attached to a Shinto shrine "forest of Atsuta" opening in the southern part of Nagoya-shi. It is called "Atsuta" from the old days and is got close and is full of people of worship near 6,500,000 people a year, and hometown Nagoya gathers veneration and faith that are limitless as "hometown of heart" from from the start people of the whole country. We enshrine one of three kinds of sacred treasures Kusanagi sword dedicated to the god and we collect the Imperial Court, veneration of military commander from ancient times and are known to major shrine of Ise as Omiya to pour.


  • Osakajokoen & Osaka-jo Castle hall

    Osakajokoen & Osaka-jo Castle hall

    Including the Osaka-jo Castle castle tower, there are facilities such as western citadel of the castle garden, Bairin, Osaka-jo Castle hall, Kyudo ground. Plum can enjoy cherry tree, each flower including azalea.
    The Osaka-jo Castle castle tower is 55m above the ground, five levels of the eighth floor. Killer whale of roof of top layer, golden decoration given everywhere including fusetora under handrail (we ask) glitter.
    Time required 15 minutes (to JR Osakajo-Koen Station) from hotel  

  • Shitenno-ji Temple

    Shitenno-ji Temple

    First Japanese full-scale chaitya which was erected 1,400 years ago by Prince Shotoku.
    "Tennoji court dance and music" to come to temple is important formlessness folk cultural assets of country.
    Time required 15-minute walk from hotel

  • New world & Tsutenkaku

    New world & Tsutenkaku

    Downtown area which is famous for bystreet, signboard of big globefish lantern lots and lots in Tsutenkaku in southern Osaka-shi.
    Tsutenkaku, also known as the symbol "Eiffel Tower of Osaka" of Naniwa soaring there.
    Observation deck which can overlook Osaka on the fifth floor and God, Billiken image that good luck comes when we pat sole.
    It is transportation expenses one way 120 yen by train for ten minutes in the time required from hotel

  • Tennoji Zoo

    Tennoji Zoo

    Zoo which has the history more than 90 years when we were able to do thirdly it in Japan. African savanna zone or elephant building reproduce environment of locality.
    Time required 15 minutes from hotel 

  • KYOCERA Dome Osaka

    KYOCERA Dome Osaka

    In the ninth floor, the first-floor UFO-shaped dome above the ground under the ground, baseball or concert are held. Restaurant, shop are added, too.
    Time required 25 minutes from hotel 

  • ABENO HARUKAS & abeno cues mall

    ABENO HARUKAS & abeno cues mall

    ABENO HARUKAS is the best high-rise compound building more than 300m in height in Japan. It becomes indoor circuit which arranged glass for 360 degrees and can overlook scenery of Osaka.

  • Kaiyukan


    One of the world's largest aquariums which reproduced natural environments around the Pacific.
    The number of creatures which breed, and are displayed amounts to 580 kinds, 30,000 points.
    Tunnel-shaped water tank water tank which "pull according to the fish, and is idea state including the penguin "Antarctic Continent" where are lye agate" which tropical fish swims including the huge water tank "Pacific" which the first popular person, whale shark or Japanese cypress ray swim leisurely in the hall is charm.
    Time required 40 minutes from hotel

  • Access to Universal City Station is very convenient, too

    It is approximately 30 minutes from hotel to Universal City Station with huge recreation facility (USJ)!


  • It is approximately 30 minutes from hotel to Universal City Station with huge recreation facility (USJ)!

    Osaka only streetcar

    "Hankai train" popular name "Japanese spaniel den" is Osaka only streetcar linking Tennoji - Sakai.
    Please be keenly aware of the history of Sakai by "Japanese spaniel call" that there is smell of Osaka.

  • ①Sakai history sightseeing to go for by Sen no Rikyu mansion trace (seaweed rapid palm not to have comes trace) - Hankai train!

    Sen no Rikyu mansion trace

    Sen no Rikyu who was successful in the rustic tea ceremony born in Sakai. There is well pleasure boat built with old material of well of camellia and the Daitoku-ji Temple main gate of a Buddhist temple related to Rikyu to mansion trace. <Hankai Line "Shukuin Station" getting off> 

  • ②Sakai history sightseeing to go for by Nanshuji (what Shuji) - Hankai train!


    Because Nagayoshi Miyoshi prays for father in 1557, Soto Dairin is erected by founder. We rebuild after the destruction by fire at summer camp, and there are garden of natural beauty spot dry landscape Japanese garden of country, important cultural property Buddhist sanctum, the main gate of a Buddhist temple, Chinese-style gate, rest-in-peace pagoda of Senke school, tea-ceremony room real facts hermitage of Rikyu's tea-ceremonial manner.
    <Hankai Line "in front of Misasagi" getting off admission 400 yen for adults, average person 300 yen, 200 yen for children>

  • ③Sakai history sightseeing to go for by strange country temple (myokokuji) - Hankai train

    Strange country temple

    Is said that was opened in 1562, large cycad of 1,100 years of the precincts years old is natural monument of country designation. Japanese only only "dry landscape Japanese garden of cycad" with six temple storehouse garden lanterns and gourd type washbowl of Sen no Rikyu donation garden. Even ground of Tosa clansman seppuku of Sakai case is famous.
    <Hankai Line "wonder country temple" getting off admission 400 yen for adults, 200 yen for children>

  • ④Sakai history sightseeing to go for by Honganji Sakai annex (honganjisakaibetsuin) - Hankai train!

    Honganji Sakai annex

    Because Nagayoshi Miyoshi prays for father in 1557, Soto Dairin is erected by founder. We rebuild after the destruction by fire at summer camp, and there are garden of natural beauty spot dry landscape Japanese garden of country, important cultural property Buddhist sanctum, the main gate of a Buddhist temple, Chinese-style gate, rest-in-peace pagoda of Senke school, tea-ceremony room real facts hermitage of Rikyu's tea-ceremonial manner.
    <Hankai Line "in front of Misasagi" getting off admission 400 yen for adults, average person 300 yen, 200 yen for children>

  • ⑤Sakai history sightseeing to go for by Sugawara Shrine (we do, but may be straw straw sandal) - Hankai train!

    Sugawara Shrine

    It begins to have enshrined wooden statue of Michizane Sugawara own work cast ashore in Sakai Beach and call with Tenjin and is famous as sakaiebisu. The cherry tree gate using ancon called the ornamental design grip of a hand mill told to be built in 1677 is prefecture designation tangible cultural property. Even summer firefly appreciation is known. <Hankai Line "Hanataguchi Station" getting off>

  • Oldest wooden style Lighthouse - former Sakai lighthouse - to exist

    Former Sakai lighthouse

    It is hexagonal lighthouse of 11.3m in height made in the Sakai old port waterfront in 1877.
    It is saved as one of the symbols of Sakai after landfill finished progress role.
    It becomes country designated historic spot as the existing oldest wooden style lighthouse.

  • The Japan's biggest old burial mound - jintokuryoko* -


    We are estimated when constructed in Egyptian Pyramid of Khufu, Japan's original form called burial mound with a square front and a round back which joined Japanese yen and square to one of 3 dai* along with shikoteiryo of Chinese Hata of the world seeing from reason, the top for approximately 20 years from the mid-fifth century. As it is adjacent, and there is Daisen Park that is full of green, it is good to sightseeing!

  • Please enjoy town of Sakai in panorama

    Town panorama of Sakai

    We can overlook town of Sakai from fine-view lobby on the 21st floor of Sakai-shi government office.
    We can look around Mount Ikoma, Mount Kongo on old burial mound group including Nintoku Burial Mound, day clear again. There is section where photograph introduces cultural heritage of Sakai-shi in lobby.
    From this hotel a 5-minute walk.


  • [animal kingdom] Kingdom which Kobe hits how

    Kingdom which Kobe hits how

    Flower and animal and symbiosis park Kobe with person hold show and performance by chicken and animals under the colorful flowers every day in kingdom to hit how and it is can see height of animal original ability and intelligence. Hanging flowers such as tropical water lily or begonia meet everybody. We can enjoy rare chicken and capybara, animals such as alpacas and contact. Bird performance show of force impression is quite popular, too. The garden feels relieved with all weather type even on rainy day. In addition, by the flat topography in consideration for barrier-free, it is completely equipped with person with a disability-adaptive restroom (all restrooms), too. It is spot to be able to enjoy with all family and the friends.

  • Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

    Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

    To herb garden largest in Japan on ropeway! Skywalk that approximately ten minutes are elegant under eyes in panoramic superb view of Kobe and the Keihanshin district. You can enjoy famous place of Kobe such as "Gohonmatsu dam" of "Nunobiki Falls" and important cultural property (cloth stretching Gohonmatsu dam), too. Herb and flower of approximately 200 kinds of 75,000 meet ropeway seasonally with space of old castle in Europe in the Middle Ages when we get down. Souvenir and herb of sightseeing in restaurant and Kobe tasting approximately 30 kinds of herb dishes which featured the theme of "the beauty and health", cafe which home brew sweets and herb tea can enjoy on garden terrace looking around superb view of Kanbe other than shop where item of aroma is prepared, "footbath of herb" can spend relaxing time.

  • Idle Rokko mountain to touch naturally to eat to learn

    Mt. Rokko

    Casual restaurant where expensive ceiling nestling on "Rokko garden terrace" is like opening, "Rokko view palace." Of dishes using whey (milk serum) of menu which is plentiful demiglace sauce which recommendation stewed slowly and carefully above all and Mt. Rokko ranch a lot. Please enjoy mellow, heavy taste. Kobe to be transmitted through with the Western confectionery birthplace. Rokko view palace has original menu only by home brew. It is homemade pudding using whey of Mt. Rokko ranch like dishes. Fluent taste and caramel sauce which worked of some bitterness are popular secrets. Mongolian mutton barbecue which we want to taste once if we visit Mt. Rokko. In "Mt. Rokko Jingisukan palace of "Rokko garden terrace"," we have from real menu which was particular about one one ingredient to handy lunch widely. As tender lamb which is popular as healthy food can fully enjoy vegetables, it is recommended toward child and the age. Place where we want to recommend style to eat in spite of being roast to group and family. There is menu of volume perfect score including Japanese black beef and bone-in roast.

  • Kitano Ijinkan

    Kitano Ijinkan

    Access: From JR, Hankyu, Hanshin Line "Sannomiya" station
    ・City loop bus "Kitano Ijinkan" getting off.
    ・We get off at city bus (6,7 system) "Yamamoto Street 3"
    North neighborhood where foreign people set up residence after the Kobe Port opening of a port.
    It is dotted with many foreigner's houses, and there is exoticism and is area that we can take a walk through leisurely slowly

  • Ikuta Shrine

    Ikuta Shrine

    Access: Shinto shrine which began with history of Kobe that came up in the Chronicles of Japan.
    Wish opposite to tree of cedar of Matsuo Shrine of the precincts! As for the woman, red, man seem to be bound together if they purchase white lucky charm.

  • Nanjing-cho, Kobe

    Nanjing-cho, Kobe

    Access: That a lot of of staying in Japan Chinese comes from restaurant and tailor, pork butcher, origin of very beginning Nankinmachi near posture at house in south area of Motomachi to the municipal subway shoreline "all and getting off at Motomachi" Station, east to getting off at municipal subway shoreline "in front of Daimaru, settlement" station, the west to JR approximately 20 minutes on foot from this hotel, getting off at Hanshin train "Motomachi" station, the south at the time of approximately five minutes in approximately 1 minute on foot in approximately 5 minutes on foot.

  • Sawanotsuru museum

    Sawanotsuru museum

    Access: It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from getting off at "Oishi" station (approximately six minutes) "Oishi" station than Hanshin train "Sannomiya" station.
    5, Nada volost that is said to be the best sake brewery in Japan.
    Living-in-; Sawanotsuru museum releases sake brewery which is older than November, 1978 in each brewing maker to do as the same museum.
    We sell museum-limited liquor.
    Opening time / from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Closed days / every Wednesday, Bon vacation (middle of August 1 week), the year-end and New Year no charge for admission (it requires reservation more than ten people)

  • Kobe port tower

    Kobe port tower

    It is red strange-shaped sightseeing tower which I see very well from Kobe harbor land and fist park, Port Island! It is-shaped building which is globally rare where hand drum was built by motif when we build customer waiting room of ship. In atmosphere that there is direction of starlit sky using ceiling optical fiber of fine-view Muroya upper rank, and sees with scenery of night view, and is romantic!

  • World's best suspension bridge - Akashi Kaikyo Bridge ...

    Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

    World's best suspension bridge "Akashi Kaikyo Bridge." Height from the sea surface is excursion-type pedestrian bridge of projecting extension approximately 317m from approximately 47m, land to approximately 150m, Akashi Channel. There are fine-view open space and fine-view lounge, and there is restaurant among them, too. Business hours are from 9:30 to 18:00, but it becomes just for from 9:30 to 19:00 during period in summer vacation. Every month second Monday is regular holiday. 300 yen for adults. It is place that there is "Science Museum of Bridges" in place of five minutes to JR Maiko Station, the getting off at Sanyo Railway Corporation Maiko-Koen Station sea side on foot, and can know all of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Until from July 20 to August 31 until from 9:15 to 18:00. It is admission charges 300 yen.

  • Kawasaki world

    Kawasaki world

    Kawasaki world is museum of kawasakijuko group having the history more than in the ground of Kobe in the birth first century. A lot of products over the history and the land, the sea, the sky of kawasakijuko group are introduced, and "importance of manufacturing" can realize "technical splendor" while we learn happily and playing. We touch the 0 system Shinkansen which can sit in guest room and driver's seat, motorcycle and jet ski, the real thing of product including large helicopter which we can sit astride and can experience and are museum to be able to enjoy in families.

  • Kobe ruminarie

    Kobe ruminarie

    Held "Kobe ruminarie" put will of requiem of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake victim for approximately ten days in December and entrusted with dream and hope to revival, reproduction of city and was held for the first time every year in December, 1995 when we had great earthquake disaster.
    Thereafter Kobe ruminarie hands down memory of earthquake disaster and is held as event to symbolize city and civic "hope" every year.
    It is very romantic illumination. Please see with lover and family before Christmas!


  • Kurashiki aesthetic area

    Kurashiki aesthetic area

    It is prefecture first-rate tourist attraction that millions of a year tourists visit. The whole area where willow row of trees of riverside shines in on white wall is dotted with Ohara Museum of Art, many culture spots including Japanese folk toy building.
    In addition, we display history documents such as ukiyoe print, picture-story show, doll, ancient book of Momotaro in [mechanism Museum of Momotaro] in aesthetic area. There is device, mechanism using phantasmagoria everywhere and is spot to be able to enjoy in families of popularity.

  • Brazilian park Washu-zan highland

    Washu-zan highland

    It is approximately 30 minutes by car from hotel
    (from Seto Chuo Expressway Kojima IC one minute).
    Rhythm of samba to echo in the blue sea and the sun glaring down♪ 
    Seascape in Seto to look at from the mountaintop is recommended.
    It is samba show of Riki Osako to free-to-ride screaming machine!

  • Special natural beauty spot Koraku-en Garden

    Koraku-en Garden

    We are loved as garden conveying feature of the Edo era by many people and it is called "Japan three park" in total and is got close to Kairaku-en Garden of Kenroku-en Garden, Mito of Kanazawa now as three Japan garden.

  • Creation land toy kingdom of play

    Toy kingdom

    It is approximately one hour by car from hotel.
    A lot of attractions that toy pavilion which can be idle in the room is substantial, and even small child can enjoy with all one's might!  Child whom character King and friends of kingdom make everybody is amusement park of the leading role.


  • The Japanese alphabet-maru of Heisei

    The Japanese alphabet-maru of Heisei

    As ferryboat (Tomo - sensuishima) managed by Fukuyama-shi from January, 2010 "the Heisei Japanese alphabet-maru" of the service. While we construct in imitation of steamship "Japanese alphabet circle" that Kaientai leading Ryoma Sakamoto got in and travel as municipal ferryboat!

  • Shimanami Kaido

    Shimanami Kaido

    Cross-linked route of approximately 60km in total length to reach Imabari-shi, Ehime via six islands from Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima. There are beautiful scenery and superb view spot of the Seto Inland Sea, and one enjoying cycling is frequent recently.

  • See; village amusement park of registering

    See; village amusement park of registering

    Including amusement park having attraction of 20 models, "course that came sometime" and "hot water of Shinshoji Onsen Showa" which reproduced cityscape of the 30, Showa generation are facilities in synthesis leisure when "winter illuminations" are performed in pool, the winter season in leisure in the summer.

  • Tomo vs. tide tower

    Tomo vs. tide tower

    Anti-tide tower adjacent to the main hall of a Buddhist temple of House of Mt. shore 1,000 moves fortune temple belonging to the Zen sect is appointed on historic spot of country in reception hall founded for (about 1690) in the Genroku era year of the Edo era. The view of sea from room praises plum Kunihiko of chosentsushinshi with "Nitto first coign of vantage" fantastically in 1711. In 1748, kokeikai leaves book of "anti-tide tower".

  • Fukuyama-jo Castle Fukuyama-jo Castle Museum

    Fukuyama-jo Castle Fukuyama-jo Castle Museum

    It is castle which Katsunari Mizuno becomes feudal lord of Bingo 10 Mangoku in 1622 (Genna 8) and built. Fushimi oar, metal reinforcement gate of a palace become important cultural property of country together. In the inside of the castle tower, archaeology, history document is released other than remains and document of each generation feudal lord as store, museum to display.


  • Kokura Castle 

    Kokura Castle

    In famous Kokura Castle, Tadaoki Hosokawa constructed a castle in (1602) as fine castle made with Tang in 1602, and outer moat for approximately 8km including shoreline was our country's leading scale.
    It is becoming symbol of town of Kokura of the castle tower rebuilt in 1959 by (1959) now. Stone wall of castle is "surface heaping up". In Kokura Castle garden of juxtaposition, you can look at traditional Japanese garden and can enjoy Honzen-ryori which daimyo ate in study (reservation required)
    [opening time] From April to October from 9:00 to 18:00
    From November to February from 9:00 to 17:00
    (as for the admission until 30 minutes ago)
    [rate] General 350 Madoka Garden extra charge
    Contact 093-561-1210

  • Tanga market

    Tanga market

    It is market becoming arcade like a 1-minute walk from hotel. "We cook salted rice-bran paste", and specialty of Kokura can purchase Mentaiko of ya Kitakyusyu. You close at about 6:00, and please be careful as Saturday and Sunday have few opening shops. In addition, individual bar and Bar link the eaves when it deviates to sideway.

  • Mojiko is nostalgic

    Mojiko is nostalgic

    It is approximately 14 minutes by train to Mojiko Station from Kokura. In the nostalgic station (redecorated now), it is important cultural property of country with neo-renaissance-like wooden building, and flush lavatory becomes modern made, too. We can enjoy baked curry of popular Class B gourmet in Mojiko. In addition, it is ancestor of bargain sale of banana, and there is cake using banana, too. How about looking at stylish cityscape and ship on jinrikisha?

  • The Seicho Matsumoto Memorial

    The Seicho Matsumoto Memorial

    "Point and line" Akutagawa Prize writer, Seicho Matsumoto known as works such as "containers of sand" was born in Kogura, Kitakyushu-shi. The memorial introduces a wide variety of fictionization and person images of facing with abundant document and memento, picture.
    [opening time] From 9:30 to 18:00 
    Closing: Year-end from 29 to 31 on December
    [rate] General 500 yen
    Contact 093-561-1210

  • It is museum at every life

    It is museum at every life

    Natural history, history Museum proud of scale largest in West Japan to.
    While visitor enjoys "at every life" in concept, entertainment-related high display to be able to learn gains popularity.
    Imagination is stirred far to the ancient times when we look at lining frame specimen including seisumosaurusu and Stegosaurus stenops of approximately 35m in total length.