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Hotel 1-2-3 Kofu-Shingen oncen
Hotel 1-2-3 Kofu-Shingen oncen
〒400-0043 8-1-1, Kokubo, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi
TEL: 055-221-7000
FAX: 055-221-7001

■Is car than JR Kofu; ten minutes
■Is car than Showa, Kofu IC; three minutes
■It is 15 minutes on foot from JR Kokubo Station

Information for parking lot

Neighboring sightseeing information

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji was registered with world heritage in the 37th world heritage Committee in June, 2013. This is because it was appreciated when the grandeur, dignity, beauty that Mount Fuji has have exclusive value in the world as mountain which produced faith and art.
Prefectural art museum
Prefectural art museum
How about that even heart comes over in a time of healing not to be provided from everyday living by appreciating many masterpieces in autumn of art and sees? Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art is got close to since the opening of 1978 widely as "art museum of Millet", and it flows into, and, led by << person surrounding species >> of Millet who is first Collection, valuable donation by the kindness of many various places adds power to collection of close contemporary art of Millet and writer of Barbizon school, main landscape artist of Europe and Japan afterward, and total amount of holding amounts to approximately 10,000 points now.

Is shortest by car than our hotel to "Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art", approximately ten minutes.
[opening time] / from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 (but as for the admission until half past 16)
[closed days] The next day (in the case of Sunday, we are opened) year-end and New Year holidays on / Monday (the next day in the case of holiday) holiday
[the location] 〒 400-0065 1-4-27, Kugawa, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi
[reference] TEL 055-228-3322 / FAX 055-228-3324

Worth Zenko-ji
Worth Zenko-ji
It is opening that we are afraid of destruction by fire of Zenko-ji of Nagano by battle of Kawanakajima, and field Shingen moved various incarnations of the Buddha treasure of a temple lower than principal idol to (1558) in 1558. In Kon-do (important cultural property) where many wooden buildings stand in the precincts, but 27m in height of *mokuzo [shumokuzukuri] rebuilt in the Edo era in particular is and the main gate of a Buddhist temple (important cultural property) painted in red, unmissable.
Prince Shingen
Prince Shingen
We strongly have ambition of world unification and are military commander who often performed battle with neighboring country. We exist in onto, each place to heal place that became battle place and wound of battle. It is a lot, and place of relationship is shown around as tourist attraction, too.
Prefecture outstanding sightseeing spot "Syousenkyo" chosen in the part first place of 100 selections of country sightseeing spots Valley. We are colored by colored leaves, and beautiful valley of strangely shaped rocks curious stone that mountain stream scraped off granite in colored leaves season will show person who visited the atmospheric valley beauty different from season of the bright fresh green again.
Local cuisine "Hoto" of ... Yamanashi ... [Narada Main Store] / Kokubo, Koufu-shi, Yamanashi
We let pumpkin, green onion, potato, a lot of vegetables and meat including Chinese cabbage, and "Hoto" is local cuisine of Yamanashi who stewed wide noodles of width with raw miso. It is "Hoto" of "Narada Main Store" to introduce this time at our hotel! Original form pumpkin "Hoto" not to be able to taste in another store which we seasoned with Koshu miso which we hit noodles with wheat flour of domestic agriculture and forestry 61 size and taught in self is toka having favorable reception from prefecture, internal and external customer. Please thoroughly enjoy the vaunted taste, and, as for "the Hoto to eat in cold season," heart and soul warm! !

○Is car than our hotel to "Narada Main Store"; approximately five minutes.
[business hours] From / matinee weekdays 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. ※Last order is 2:00 p.m.
/ evening performance weekdays afternoon from 5:00 to 10:00 ※Last order is 9 in the afternoon: 00
Until / gold soil holiday previous night 10:30 p.m. ※Last order is 10:00 p.m.
[regular holiday] In the case of holiday, Tuesday is on Monday on the day before or Wednesday on Tuesday
※ Sorry for your inconvenience, but please confirm one coming from distant place on the telephone.
[parking lot perfection] Trailer bus is OK on 20 Sundays and holidays (the night and day), too.
Contact information / Narada Main Store 055-226-0911