Hotel 1-2-3

Privacy Policy

Hotel 1-2-3 partners (called "us" as follows.) This "is important" in identification or information (called personal information as follows) that we can identify in individuals taking from customer,
We recognize this and perform the handling carefully.
About the handling of personal information of customer who uses us, we decide to assume fate, privacy policy as follows.
Principle about protection of personal information
It shall deal with personal information depending on use purpose precisely and appropriately in on-the-job necessary range.
We collect personal information by appropriate and fair means.
Personal information that customer gives to assumes only minimum required information for service offer.
Use purpose of personal information
We may not use personal information other than the provided purpose unless we manage personal information that customer gave to in each hotel in hotel 1-2-3 group and headquarters and use only for the following cases, and there is agreement of customer.
  • When we accomplish duties of reception desk of reservation and cancellation or fact about staying.
  • When when we accept reservation and cancellation, we identify customer.
  • When accommodation members accomplish administration duties of membership system.
  • When we send information to customer that E-mail delivery and DM service were hoped for.
  • When, in emergency, we contact customer.
  • When we give answer to question from customer, request.
  • Grasp of usage history of customer.
  • Count, analysis for plan, improvement of grasp of our use situation and service.
  • In addition, when, in service that we provide, it is necessary to identify customer.
The observance of laws and ordinances and other models
In accomplishment of duties such as collection, the use of appropriate personal information and offer, we decide to observe model that "law (2003 law 57th) about protection of personal information" and relations laws and ordinances about personal information including "information service business personal information protection guidelines" and others are related to.
Offer, disclosure of personal information
We contribute to third party except the handling, the following cases with scrupulous attention or personal information that customer gave to may not disclose.
  • When there is agreement of customer.
  • When when disclosure is demanded from public institution, offer to third party or disclosure is accepted based on equal laws and ordinances.
  • When we provide minimum information after having imposed confidentiality on company which signed on duties trust with us. In the case of mergers.
Safety management measures of personal information
Human is physical and, for danger such as unfair access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak to personal information, shall take technical and organized rational safety management measures. In addition, we supervise employee and trust appropriately.
Disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion of personal information
About personal information, we can demand disclosure, correction, suspension or deletion based on laws and ordinances. When there is such a demand, we cope immediately. In addition, we may have you submit our predetermined application document.
Improvement such as privacy policies
We will plan improvement such as this policy, personal information management official regulations and personal information handling manual continuously. When we perform such an improvement, we publish in this site.
The use of cookies (Cookie)
"Cookies" are techniques of Internet standard to distinguish computer of customer. By our service, we may use information about page that customer collected using cookies read as information of customer in combination with information to distinguish customer individual. These information is used as far as they are listed in "use purpose of personal information". We change the setting and, depending on browser of errand, can invalidate function of cookies, but, as a result, may not use all or part of service on website.
Principle about protection of personal information
On our homepage, we protect personal information of customer by "SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)". SSL is protocol to encrypt information on the Internet, and to transmit and receive. As data such as personal information about privacy of customer are encrypted, prevent leak and manipulation, spoofing of data from and protect privacy of customer. (in addition, in character of the Internet, we do not completely guarantee security of information in communication.)