Hotel 1-2-3

With hotel 1-2-3

When people increase, it is more and more economical and stays
New age rate system

In the case of 5,000 yen tax-included example) base rate (base rate and positive rate vary according to hotels)
※ When it is stayed at one room, it becomes, and please confirm rate of each shop from each shop page.
  • It is accommodation 5,000 yen alone
  • It is accommodation 6,500 yen in two people
  • It is accommodation 8,000 yen in three people

By service of new idea
Simple accommodation


    Single of a space, family room where there are twin and three parent and child relaxedly and is relaxing.


    It is no congestion morning by check-out unnecessary waiting time zero.
    As we pay the difference at the time of check-in, procedure for check-out is not necessary.


    Breakfast by free service
    We offer. ※Time for breakfast varies according to each hotel.


    There is no closing time after check-in!
    24 hours business trip life of relief.
    The entrance door closes for night safe security, but, after the check-in, can enter with room keys.
    ※Time for check-in
    It varies according to each hotel.
    ※Night admission method,
    There is password type at some stores, too.

It is really demanded

  • There are a lot of economy hotels where business person can stay at casually.
    However, there are not more hotels where couple and couple, family and couple parents with their children can stay at for sightseeing tour in peace casually.

  • Hotel "1-2-3" (one-two-three)
    By putting the ingenuity in the accommodations,
    Not only one (one: business people) but also,
    Even as for two people (two: couple, couple),
    Even as for more three people (three: family, couple parents with their children),
    It is hotel which can stay for economy.

  • Fee structure is very easy!
    Use of two is one grade up!
    Use of three is two-step up!

For business for sightseeing as for man and woman and adult as for the child,
Even two people are three people, but all feel relieved casually alone,
Economy hotel, that to be able to stay are "Hotel1-2-3".

Hotel list, reservation, inquiry

Does inquiry to each hotel call directly?
Apply by the Internet reservation of each hotel.
In addition, even WEB form of inquiry page of hotel can accept inquiry.