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[Kurashiki] News of 6/4 all the buildings blackout
In Hotel 1-2-3 Kurashiki, run for electric equipment check for from 11:00 to 14:00 on Monday, June 4
It is lost power in all facilities. We cause all of you trouble very much, but I would like understanding and cooperation.
[Sakai] 4/9 - 4/17 large communal bath is with man and woman spare extension
Because of favorable reception, large communal bath is with man and woman spare ninarimasu in Hotel 1-2-3 Sakai during period of from Monday, April 9 to Tuesday, April 17.
Woman: From 20:30 to 23:00
Man: It is from 15:00 to 20:00, from 23:30 to 25:00, from 6:30 to 9:00, the following day.
Thank you for your cooperation!
[Kurashiki] [Fukuyama] [Kokura] Information for eco-stay
In Kurashiki, Fukuyama, Kokura, we ask for cooperation of eco-stay as approach to take good care of resources.
We present mineral water to customer without cleaning need in customers of consecutive stay.
We offer amenity in lobby.
I would like your cooperation.
Thank you for your participation on day of hotel 1-2-3!
Thank you very much for your participation on day of hotel 1-2-3!
As will hold such an event in future; thank you for your cooperation.
Day of hotel 1-2-3!
It is day of hotel 1-2-3 today!

We offer various things of 1-2-3 common free ticket and wait for all of you♪
Event contents of hotel 1-2-3
It is event contents on day of 1-2-3! We update at any time!
It was finally next week!
1/23, please use hotel 1-2-3♪
Tuesday, January 23 is day of hotel 1-2-3!
January 23, next year is day of hotel 1-2-3! 110 people in total win accommodation for free ticket!
We offer other luxurious premiums! 1/23 will stay at hotel 1-2-3! ※We update event contents of each shop at any time!
Hotel 1-2-3 Maebashi Mercury was delivered in news!
News of opening of Maebashi Mercury was broadcasted in Gunma TV!
[we can watch with video of youtube!]
[Maebashi] It is 12/3 Festival! Mercury
It is festival in 12/3! Titled Mercury, we hold event.
It is viewing shinagarano at space squadron Q Ranger show and show
It is popular among lunch dinner of advance reservations receptionist in Funabashi Andersen Park
Bookworm writer yazawanaokosanga arrives and holds workshop of child.
Others including dance of gospel live and Hana Maebashi Ryuta hand drum are varied,
It becomes content that daily children can enjoy.
News of Maebashi Mercury name change
"Maebashi Mercury Hotel"
From 12/1 as "HOTEL1-2-3 Maebashi Mercury"
It makes its grand opening. We would appreciate your continued patronage.
[Maebashi] Information for meeting room, banquet
We uploaded guidance of meeting room, banquet room of Maebashi Mercury.
We did not hear reservation of banquet until November 30, but heard reservation of following banquet!
Ask the details to hotel.
We published Maebashi Mercury Hotel HP
We publish page of Maebashi Mercury Hotel!
It is during renewal construction now.
We heard reservation over telephone.
In addition, 123 common reward cards are plan from December.
We cause all of you trouble, but thank you for your understanding.
Summer vacation sightseeing feature
We collected information around the hotel by sightseeing feature! Go out; please refer to!
News of 1-2-3 welcome snow cone event
We carry out welcome snow cone this year in summer vacation!
Let's enjoy the cool air with snow cone in hot summer!
On the conduct store date and time, the details click this, and please confirm!
[Kurashiki] News of 7/12 guest room extension telephone removal
We remove guest room extension telephone on July 12. Notification to the front desk after removal, please use extension of setting in each floor elevator hall.
News of new hotel
Maebashi Mercury Hotel (3-24-1, Odomomachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma) from August 1, 2017
It becomes hotel 1-2-3 group.
The details announce plans of renewal as soon as they are selected.
We hope that we have you favor Maebashi Mercury Hotel.
We renewed homepage.
Thank you for always using hotel 1-2-3.
We renewed homepage.
We are showing around renewal memory plan of low now in each shop!

We want to send still more substantial information to all of you in future.
I would like hotel 1-2-3 from now on.

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